8 Tips on How to Choose a Surveyor

When it comes to serious decision of choosing a surveyor for your property most of us are not sure what exactly to look for. With a very long list of the surveyors we see online it is very easy to get lost. Every surveyor is trying to attract the customer and has their own unique selling point. However as much attractive their webpage/price/call centre assistant sounds or looks it is always better to know exactly what you are looking for.

That is why Hamblin Sullivan Associates decided to share with you 8 useful tips on how to choose good surveyor.

  1. Check if they are RICS qualified. This is necessary to make sure that the surveyor you go for is following international standards, rules and codes of conduct to protect you and ensure the highest level of professionalism. RICS surveyors are highly trained and experienced. They are professionally insured for your security if you for any reason are unhappy with the services provided.  For more details check official RICS webpage.

  2. Check if they are local.  The surveyor’s local knowledge is key to providing the best advice to the clients.  For instance, without good local knowledge the surveyor might not be aware of problems such as Japanese Knotweed or ground instability issues within the general vicinity of the property, which are prevalent in some areas.

  3. Check for references. You can always ask people around you which company did they use. However if your friends don’t know anyone it’s always a good idea to check google reviews or any other trusted websites such as local surveyors direct where you can find a feedback. Of course, if you still aren’t sure you can check for any official references they’ve got.

  4. Ask for their experience. There is no harm asking if they surveyed similar properties or for example if they’ve already dealt with similar claim.

  5. Check what type of survey you need. You might already have in mind type of survey you are looking for. If in confusion, you can always ask the surveyor you are about to choose or check our services page.

  6. Don’t choose the most expensive one or the cheapest one. Basically think about your budget and things you want to be included in your survey. To make sure that you’ll get what you are looking for, ask the surveyor for sample report. If the report they sent you is exactly what you wanted consider the price of the survey. Remember, some surveyors charge a bit of extra for urgent or weekend visits. Some overcharge only because they are leading ones in surveying world. Sometimes it’s good to go for a smaller company when actually a surveyor will have time for you and you will get exclusive and most professional approach only because they aren’t overloaded with work.

  7. Make a list with clear points. Surveying quotes can be confusing filled in with lots of information. If you are a bit confused, simply send a list of bullet points and surveyor should come back with the answers whether they can meet your expectations.

  8. If you still have any questions, please feel free to call us on 020 7863 7539 or email us at ghamblin@hsa-surveyors.com

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