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If you suspect your home may have Subsidence, then you need expert advice. HSA Surveyors are here to assist! 

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Subsidence is an issue which occurs when the ground under a house collapses, or sinks, taking some of the building’s foundations along with it. This strains the building’s construction, causing cracks to start showing up. Annually, subsidence affects the same amount of homes in the United Kingdom as floods – approximately 40 000 homes each and every year.

Having scrutinised thousands of properties with subsidence-associated issues, Hamblin Sullivan Associates have unequalled practise in this particular field of engineering and surveying. We have been intricately involved in diagnosis of subsidence and are often called upon for advice by the insurance industry, in addition to other engineering or surveying consultancies.

In the majority of the cases we see, we are experienced enough to be able to diagnose the cause of the damage without expensive site investigations.  In most cases the cause of the damage is not subsidence. An Incorrect diagnosis of subsidence could blight your home indefinitely, making a correct and early diagnosis vital.

Where subsidence is the likely cause of the damage, we will advise suitable damage control measures and repairs, enabling you to avoid making a subsidence insurance claim. Our recommendations are always entirely unbiased. Where the cause is not subsidence-related, we will appraise the source of the damage and suggest a fitting restoration.

Hamblin Sullivan Associates provide an Independent Engineers Report to offer a second opinion on subsidence claims already submitted, should you have any apprehensions about the loss adjuster’s findings or how the claim is proceeding.

Should you feel uncertain as to the repairs which are being recommended to your home or you are dissatisfied with how the project is progressing, Hamblin Sullivan Associates’ specialist surveyors will eliminate the stress and project manage the works for you, from inception to conclusion. We will coordinate with the loss adjuster on your behalf which should be covered according to the terms of your policy. Hamblin Sullivan Associates are party claim wall specialists. If you have a claim involving party wall works and require an independent party to survey the wall, Hamblin Sullivan Associates’ experiences specialists are happy to advise you.

Hamblin Sullivan Associates are delighted to discuss your queries and requirements telephonically, prior to being formally instructed.  Should you opt to instruct us, we will generally provide an emailed copy of the report within 24 hours of the inspection.

Should you require any further clarification of the above type of survey you require please do not hesitate to contact Hamblin Sullivan Associates.

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